Husbands B-day

Yesterday was my husbands b-day. It was pretty low key but he seemed to really enjoy it. He actually said “it feels like my birthday”. That’s something you don’t feel often anymore. 

My mom came to watch L and G was at summer camp, so my husband had the day off from watching the kids. He went to the beach and shopping. Sounds really relaxing and pretty wonderful. Fish tacos for dinner, ice cream cake for dessert and a new shop vac and water bottle as gifts. I’m glad he enjoyed his day. 

Leftover ice cream cake for the next week!! Our favorite. 

This kid

Just this morning this kid really figured out how to pull up. Couch, frig, toys…he went stand up crazy. I’m predicting he’ll be walking in 4-6 weeks. 

He’s 9 1/2 months. Seems so early to me. 


First day of summer camp

Our daughter started a new school (daycare) today. She’ll attend eight days total this summer as we thought it would help her adjust to the new school in the fall. Essentially the school runs a summer camp like program in the summer. 

First day couldn’t have gone better. She made new friends. Her teacher said she was kind to everyone. And she had zero potty accidents (one of my biggest fears). 

Intentions Workshop

I attended an intentions workshop last night and boy it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

What I learned (and really always knew but it needed to be brought to the surface) 

  • You can manifest just about anything 
  • Your view of the world and every moment and interaction is unique to you. Everyone experiences and sees things from a different lens
  • Prosperity is not about wealth, it’s about cultivating peace, friendless, and happiness from the most inner core of your being so that peace and happiness then begin to exude outward. 
  • Don’t hold onto your intention for ever. At some point it will be time to let it go.

My intention for the time being. “Be kinder to myself and to my husband”. 

My word was ‘compassion’.


Really? Can this actually be happening? Now our daughter has Strep and Pink Eye. Last week she had hand, mouth, and foot, now this. I mean I guess so. I guess it happens. I’m struggling to find the positive. My poor husband who watches both our kids during the summer has been trapped with sick kids for two weeks and he still is able find glimmers of laughs and smiles with them.


We celebrated our four year anniversary this week. With two kids under three if feels like we’ve been married much longer than four years. We thankfully squeezed in a day time date this afternoon and boy was it nice to be away from the kids for a few hours. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but it was nice to spend time with my husband alone and not be thinking about them 100% of the time.  I’m already scheming a possible three night holiday without them for next years anniversary. We can do it and I’m going to make sure it happens. 

Hand, Mouth, and Foot + Potty Training

What a week! We kicked it off by potty training our 2.9 yr old daughter. Then the very same day our son came down with hand, mouth and foot disease. 

Really? Does it really have to happen that way? Of course it does. 

She was already showing progress on getting to the potty so we couldn’t turn back or have a redo. But now we were dealing with two very needy children. One needed constant supervision so she knew where to put her pee and poop and the other one was a winning, crying, sick as sick little baby boy. Mid week after several sleepless nights he started to feel better and she started to catch on to this potty thing. Then she got hand, mouth, and foot and we were pulled back down. Thank goodness their cases were mild. I can’t image the angst if they were severe cases. 

After a week of being house bound to the potty and sickness, we are seeing the light. They are sleeping better and their sores are nearly gone. The goal is to hopefully get out of the house this weekend and enjoy some of the 4th holiday weekend. 

P.S – potty trained by the book “Oh Crap Potty Training” – it worked great so far!!

Pic: A few sores around L’s mouth.