Sleep milestone

L, 11.5 months slept through the night for the very first time. From 6:45 pm to 6 am. Three nights ago I cut out the middle of the night nursing session and during those three nights my husband went in and settled him. The first night he was up and down for nearly 2.5 hrs and then it gradually got better each night.

One more nursing session still to wean.


Whole milk & cookies

This week my 10.5 months old had his first ounce of whole milk. He seemed to take it just fine and may have actually enjoyed it. I haven’t given it to him again only because it’s been so busy I forgot. I’m hoping to wean him from nursing within the next four weeks…I have an out of town wedding to go to. 

Last night he swiped a chocolate gram cookie from my daughter and ate it right up no problem. His first ever cookie. I was to awed by the whole scene that took place to take it away from him. Afterall he put a ton of effort in to get that cookie.

He’s not a baby anymore. 

Peace and Love to my Nonna

My grandmother was 94 years old. She passed away yesterday leaving behind 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. We spent this evening together as a family (at her wake) poring over pictures, talking, reminiscing, laughing, joking, and simple being together. She was the matriarch of our Italian tribe. Our family traditions were born from her and her family traditions. Our heritage, personality traits, genetic makeup, and characteristics stem from her. And for that I forever greatful. 

I will forever remember her as a strong, stubborn, brave, and loving grandmother. 

First dentist visit

Feels like there has been a lot of firsts around here lately. G had her first dentist apt this week. It was a bit of a disaster. Ok a real disaster. She flipped out almost instantly after entering the hygienist room. But in her defense the hygienist did nothing special to make her feel comfortable. She put on a mask and gloves and attempted to clean her teeth with an electric tooth brush. The only difference was the toothbrush was shaped as a penguin. She was hysterical. Needless to say she did not get a cleaning.

I’m thinking our next attempt at the dentist my be to a pediatric dentist where they adjust the typical routine to help young kids and first timers feel at ease.  

As of now G was nothing to do with the dentist again. 

“In case you need this”

Each time either my husband or I leave the house and our daughter stays behind, she hands us an object near by (a crayon, a bowl, a spoon, a wood turtle, a toy car, whatever) and says…”here, in case you need this”. She’s giving us a little peace of her every time we leave. 

The weekend we went campingĀ 

We went camping this past weekend with 8 adults and nine children. That actually happened. I was doubtful it would. Very doubtful, but by luck or by chance it did. And I’m happy it did. 

There were some tough moments for sure but there were also some really great moments. We got to know some new families and share a unique bond of helping each other out, sharing responsibilities, cooking together, and hiking together. It truly felt like a village. 

My favorite moment/s was when L was in the Ergo carrier taking his naps. He was snuggled in close to me, sleeping, and peaceful. I don’t know how many of those moments I have left with him like that. On the last morning I took him for a walk. He was strapped in the front of me, with his head resting on my chest. I felt meditative, walking, thinking, and breathing. It was rejuvenating. 

Thank you to my friend who organized this trip. It will be one I remember for a very long time.