8 hrs!

L slept 8 hrs last night without waking. 8:30 pm – 4:30 am. I wasn’t sure it was real and thought for some time that I had gotten up in middle of the night. 

Sort of feels like a really nice Mothers Day gift. I’m crossing my fingers for two days in a row. That’s when you really know it’s real! 

All fours and mama 

Talk about milestones this week! 

Yesterday L got up on all fours. He was on the changing table in his room and he lifted his bum, belly raised off the table, then he pushed his bum back to his heals and galapsed back down. 

This morning he was eating breakfast in his high chair and looked over at me across the kitchen and said “mama”. I asked my husband if he just said mama and he confirmed that he thought so. So cool! 

My boys have stuffy noses

Both my husband and my 7 month old have rediculously bad stuffy noses. 

My son is literally waking up every 20 min because he can’t breath :(. We just transferred him to sleep in his car seat. If that doesn’t work we’ll try bringing him in bed with us. 

Peas, sisterly love, Addison’s first B-day, and dance party with Zia

What a packed weekend. 

1. L started eating whole peas this weekend. We’ve come to realize he likes to pick up his food more than he likes puréed food. Much easier on us!

2. Matching color shirts by coincidence. Sure let’s have a photo shoot! Except G has yogurt mouth. They really do love each that much right now. 

3. Our niece turned 1 this past weekend. We celebrated with tons of play time.

4. We met up with my friend and her two kids this afternoon – it was great. Dance party and bubbles. 


Our daughter, now 2.5 yrs, is having major tantrums lately. She’s inconsolable, irate, and acts as if something or someone is turturing her. It’s the most aweful thing. 

Tonight it was triggered by tub time. She absolulty did not want to take a tub, but we made her anyway despite attempts to bribe her, reason with her, and comfort her. 

Hoping this stage ends quickly.

April Vacation Week Recap

It wasn’t the week we expected, but we survived. 

  • My daughter and I were both sick for the majority of the week
  • My husband accomplished some yard work and started building walkways through our front yard garden – pictures to come later
  • My daughter and I got our toenails painted together for the first time. It was her first trip to a salon. 
  • Our brand new grill was delivered – something my husband has wanted for years. And we’ve grilled three times in one week. 
  • We wrapped up the week with my parents anniversary dinner 

And now that’s it’s Monday and we’re back to work and back to school we’re all healthy again! 

Two vacation weeks this year so far and both spent with sickness.