Fridays at Nonno’s house

We’ve been visiting my dad “Nonno” nearly every Friday for 1/2 a day since January. He’s gets laid off most winters and I don’t work on Fridays so we started making a regular thing of it. This Monday he goes back to work and I’m extremely sad the kids and I will not have our afternoons with Nonno anymore. I’ve asked him to retire several times and he keeps saying this year. Both my parents, 68 years old, still work full time. 

G likes to play with the pool balls on the pool table in the basement and unorganize Nonno’s quarter collection. She also like to eat all my parents grapes and get water from their refrigerator. 

L just likes to stare at Nonno and laugh at him when he makes funny faces and noises. 

I really am going to miss our Fridays and I hope they return soon.


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