Traveling and pumping 

I wrote this post two days ago while I was traveling for work on my experience pumping and flying and it’s totally gone MIA :(. I’m rather sad about it because I rather enjoyed it and don’t think I have the energy to recreate it. The gist… pumping on the go involving taxi cabs, TSA, and airport pumping is a pain. I pumped twice in a cab and once in an airport gate waiting area all in the course of a day. And I actually managed to keep the milk cold throughout the day. 

I will try to avoid this situation in the future at all costs. 


2 thoughts on “Traveling and pumping 

  1. I had to pump at the gate once. Nothing came out. Then I arrived in France and realized I didnt have the plug converter for my pump. And it was Sunday and all the stores were closed. I had to hand pump then buy a manual pump and pump manually for a week. Somehow managed to make it back without too much damage.


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