Today is/was my birthday. It wasn’t a normal day that’s for sure. It wasn’t a Birthday per say either. I was onsite at a clients all day in Rhode Island and literally only got home in time to put the kids to bed. My daughter had flowers and a card waiting for me and sung happy birthday to me while I was putting her to sleep. 

I’m exhausted though and don’t feel like I can even stay up to spend time with my husband. 

It was not the birthday you dream of. BUT and that’s a HUGE BUT my husband and I have taken the day off tomorrow and are sending the kids to daycare. We have the entire day –until 3 pm that is—to ourselves…together! He has somewhat of a day planned, I’ve been told, which includes possible time for a nap! So essentially we have shifted my B-day to tomorrow and I’m super excited about that. 


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