Trip to the ER – damn you glow sticks 

What a week G has had. I feel utterly sick over how much she’s been through in just 48 hrs. 

Her fever finally broke this afternoon and things were settling down. Then…then she was playing  with a glow stick that snapped and she got glow stick dye in her eyes. My husband flushed it out really well but after five minutes or so she said she still couldn’t see. We hopped in the car (all four of us) and drove to the nearest ER. G was hysterical and it was a mess, but they didn’t actually do anything additional. They offered to flush it out even more and said that it looked irritated but fine and the fact that she was crying clear tears was a good sign. 

We came home, settled her down and I combed through all her toys to make sure there were no remaining glow sticks to be found. 

And this is supposed to be our vacation week. Please please let the next few days be happier, more exciting, (heck I’d even take normal) more gentle to our nervous systems. 


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