Uncharted territory 

G has a double ear infection and pink eye. She has never been this sick in all her 2.4 yrs. She looks sick…snot running from her nose all congealed at the base and her eyes oozing green discharge, but you would never know she was sick from her demeanor alone. She’s zippy and fieasty and lovey. 

We’ve come up with a system for getting the eye drops in. My husband holds her down whole she watches Dora The Explorer on the iPad and I put the drops in the corner of her eyes. When she blinks the drops roll right into her eye. Immediately after she gets a scoop of ice cream for being so brave. It’s worked with only a short burst of crying and fighting. 

She’s been out of daycare for two days now and will be home tomorrow as they have already called for a snow day. 


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