Therapy…a bust

I saw a new therapist tonight. I’m not exactly sure why I wanted to go in the first place but it had helped with the transition back to life after I started working again the first time I had a child. I figured I would get ahead of the anxiety of going back to work and putting my baby in daycare. 

It was a bust though and I felt like I wasted my time. The therapist and I didn’t gel well and she had an odd sort of eye twitch that was distracting to me. I didn’t feel like talking to her at all. Frankly I just didn’t feel like talking. I must have yawned 10 times during our session. 

I’m a huge advocate of therapy but I’m not sure that’s what I really need right now. I might try to squeeze in a yoga class once a week. It can be my therapy session and you don’t have to talk to anyone :). 


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