Oops I locked you in the car.

You wouldn’t let go of the car keys so I let you keep them as I drove to the grocery store. I have one of those cars where you don’t need keys to start it. The keys just need to be near by. When I parked and got out to get you, you pressed the lock button, locking me out and you in. 

I panicked checking all the door. You smiled. Within a minute I was on the phone with 911 and within five minutes a police officer was there to jimmy the door open and unlock it. 

You stayed calm the whole time. A very nice women who pulled up next to me and I confided in told me not to worry. She had done the same thing with her kids in the middle of a snow storm. She assured me it would be ok. 

Lesson learned: you’ll never be allowed to hold my keys while we are in the car again. 


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