1st trip with Gwen

We went on a long weekend (Gwen and I) to Virginia to visit my college friend and her two kids. Gwen was amazing…most of the time. We flew down there a day before a major storm (winter storm Jonas) hit the mid Atlantic region and were flying via Washington DC. We made it just fine, but trying to get home was a bit of a nightmare. I spent more time on the phone and computer with the airlines than I want to admit. I will forever remember my flight record locator # MZMNOS. I do wish spent that time hanging with my friend rather than stressing over how to get home. I went through six different flight patterns. Everytime I booked another flight, it got cancelled. A day after we were supposed to leave, I said just take me to the airport and we’ll try to get on a flight. And we made it after some pleading, running through airports, and hanging around airports. I will never willingly fly into a major storm again. 

Even with a snow storm and being bunkered in for part of the days we manger to get a few activities in. We laughed and snuggled and we can’t wait to see them again soon.

We went to the aquarium.   

And their state of the art library   

The kids played dress up  

Did arts and crafts  
And walked in the snowy mess  

 We miss them already!  


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