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We booked a vacation for February break – St. Maartin. Then the very next day, I got stressed thinking about how stressful it might be to take Gwen away when she still isn’t sleeping at night. And what a waste it would be if we were all cranky and sleep deprived on a tropical holiday. Now I’m in the midst of figuring out how to cancel our flights without loosing too much money. Luckily we haven’t booked a place to stay yet and I bought flight insurance. The unfortunate part is, I’m going to have to get a doctors note as a reason we won’t be flying. Kinda crazy? Yes! 

As you know, Gwen isn’t sleeping again. We’ve either done something terrible wrong with sleeping training or she’s got teeth that are extremely painful, or night terrors, or separation anxiety. All those things the internet articles tell you it could be. Nobody ever says “just deal with it”. We’re always searching for the cure and I’m sick of it…it’s exhausting in itself. We’re ready to just deal with it until we don’t have to deal with it anymore. That’s what you do right? 


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