More 2016 goals

I’m adding more goals to 2016.

6. Put up a fence around our house – we need to do this before to spring time. Our backyard has a six foot drop to out neighbors house and the fence is literally falling down. Gwen will be running around by then and it needs to get done for safety. While we’re at it, we hope to out a fence on both sides of the house as well. 

7. Finish the attic and build stairs up to the attic – this will be the last major project we do to the house. The attic will be an office space for me / playroom for kids. Hopefully I can figure out how to separate the space for those two needs. The attic will create another 400 to 500 square feet in our house. If we don’t finish this project, I’d like to at least start it.

8. Book two vacations – one in February and one in the summer. Destinations still TBD. Usually we have Feb vacation booked by now, but we’ve been debating whether it’s a good idea or not. I think it is! 


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