Two more sleeps until the New Year

I’m fond of the New Year. It’s a chance to mentally start with a clean slate, set goals, and take action.

As long as I can remember I’ve made a list of goals and items to accomplish. Sometimes they are big like get an MBA (which I did!) and sometimes they are small like book a dentist appointment (which I also did!). 

I’ve been thinking about my three goals from the beginning of this year…

1. Write everyday

2. Do yoga everyday

3. Finish a scrap booking project

I accomplished just one of them and I think it was the hardest one of all. I wrote in this blog every day for an entire year. How crazy is that? It’s pretty out there for me. 

I’ll admit that there were two days (that I can recall) that I missed. One was the day I had the D&C procedure and the other was Christmas. Thats 363 days of writing. Pretty damn good. 

The yoga everyday resolution only lasted a week or less into the New Year. 

The scrap book, which I have now been working on for eleven years, did not get finished. I made a good attempt to work on it sometime in Novemeber and actually made progress. That will go on my list for 2016. 

I’ll shoring up my resolutions and goals for 2016 tomorrow. There is still the question of whether I should continue writing once this year is over? I’m leaning in a direction, but I’m going to take a few more hours or what’s left of 2015 to think about it. 

Sweet dreams. 


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