Movies. Music. House projects.

The last 24 hrs have been much better. We have fully recovered from the Xmas gloom, my husband has started to emerge from under the sheets of sickness, and we started being productive.  Wahoo! We still haven’t left the house much, except a quick Home Depot run and the grocery store. 

I’ve watched three and 1/2 movies over the last day. Gwen has begun requesting music to be played on demand. She points to the portable speaker and says “ehh, ehh’. She dances lifting her feet up and down and sways her hips. She likes reggae best. 

We also started a backsplash project. All we have left to do is grout. Before and after pics below. It’s a Mexican tile theme 🙂 – my husbands idea. It makes me happy looking at those colorful tiles while at the stove.    


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