Something to say.

Is there something to say? Some times there is lots to say. Other times, you shouldn’t say anything. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten wiser not to speak up so quickly in certain situations. To sit back and let the conversation take shape before interjecting your own ideas.  It’s hard for me do to. I want my voice to be heard. I’ve always wanted my voice to be heard. I think most people do. 

I’ve been classified in the past as someone who interrupts. I’ve been coached by managers to fully process my ideas before speaking them out loud. I once had a boss who coached me not to reply to emails straight away. To let them sit for a day. 

I’ll be honest I have no idea where this entry came from or where it is going. So with that I’m going to end it now and go to bed. 

Peace and love… Always something to say. 


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