Hosting Co-workers for dinner

I’m having three co-workers over for dinner tomorrow night. It’s my first dinner hosting of the sorts. I’ve only been working for this company for three months, but already it feels like a work family. The characters are: 

The company owner – He’s from Ottawa. I’ve known him for years – used to work for him when we were both at another company. He’s a smart guy. Laid back, respectful, and can be funny when you least expect it. 

A women who lives in Dallas that I’ve only spoken to on the phone. She is Russion I believe or Czech. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Super nice. Hard worker. Has two young boys. Can also be funny at times. That’s as much about her as I know though. 

A new to the team employee that hasn’t started yet, but I know well. I also used to work with her for many years and we’ve become friends. She is bringing her husband and two boys as they live close by. She is fun, passionate, inquisitive, and a great cohort. 

And if course my husband and Gwen. 

Planning and thinking about it has kept my mind busy and I’m thankful for that. I’m looking forward to it. It should be an interesting night. 


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