Blood work for all

Gwen and I went to the blood lab this afternoon. She needed blood taken for her 1 year check up. A lead test and a CBC (complete blood count). The CBC tests for things like infection, anemia, and leukemia. It wasn’t pleasant seeing her get blood drawn for the first time. They couldn’t find her vain in the right arm, so they had to stick her another time in the left arm. She screamed and cried and gave the dirtiest look to the very nice man who took her blood. 20 seconds after if was over she was smiling. 

I also got my blood taken to determine if the pregnancy hormones had decreased from earlier this week. The results came back quick and my doctor called me a few hours later. The hormone level was 26,000 units earlier this week and today they were 15,000 units. And with that it’s 100% confirmed that I’ve miscarried and I’m becoming significantly less pregnant by the day. Which makes perfect sense to me giving the amount of blood I’ve lost this week. I was relieved because now it’s final. However I still have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday to determine if I need to have D&C. 

No more blood work for anyone for a while. 


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