All consuming

This miscarriage business is all consuming. I tried to convince my OB today to move the ultra sound up, but she told me we had to wait until Monday. I’m miscarrying, there is absolutely no doubt, but I still have to wait a week to make a decision if I’m going to miscarry naturally or have a D&C procedure. 

I’m anxious to get all the necessary information in order to make a decision. I want the decision made now. 

I try to work, in bed mostly, but I find myself distracted – researching or talking on the phone, or texting. 

My husband came home from work early today to spend time with me. He forced me to sit outside with him in the warm air. Then when he came home from picking up Gwen, he again encouraged me to go for a family walk outside. If he hadn’t come home I would have stayed in my cocoon of our comfy bed. 


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