A year ago a day

Exactly one year ago today at almost this exact time we were heading to the hospital. My doctor called me around 8pm and explained that her and the specialist (who was away on a trip in Paris) decided that it was time to try being induced. My blood pressure had sky rocketed that afternoon and I had been struggling with preclamsia for the last three months. I was only 13 days away from my due date. I was in disbelief when I hung up the phone. Even though in my gut I knew earlier in the day she was going to advise going to the hospital. I had cleaned  my desk at work and prepared my colleagues that I may not be coming back.

My doctor told me not to rush but to get there within the hour. It took us two hours to get there and the hospital is only 8 minutes away. I procrastinated. I packed slowly. I showered. I tried to mentally prepare myself. It wasn’t the scene you typically think of when people have babies. There was no…”my water broke” or “it hurts”. I was not in pain. I was not having contraction. I was mostly calm. 

We got to the hospital and we waited. Then waited some more. They didn’t attempt induction until 2 or 3 am. It was a busy night and I was not on the top of the, in need, list. 

Induction was a failed attempt. Nothing was happening except Gwen wasn’t happy. Her heartbeat kept spiking. The next day at about 1 pm, my doctor said “we are going to give you one more hour. If you don’t have progress in an hour, we’ll talk about c-section. 

An hour went by. She came back and said, “the doctors, nurses and I huddled and we are going to begin prepping you for a c-section”. I asked, “do I have a say in this”. And she said, “no”. 

Gwen arrived that afternoon on 10/10/14 at 2:10 pm. 


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