A day of firsts 

It was an eventful and trying afternoon.

I picked Gwen up from daycare today and when she first saw me she said mama for the very first time. 🙂 and then she wouldn’t stop saying it. Over and over again… Mama. Mama. Maaama. I was beyond excited. 

She didn’t quite seem herself on the ride home. She was quiet and subdued, staring out the window. When we got home, I held her close and felt she was warm. She had her very first temperature. My girl wasn’t feeling well and nothing I did was soothing her. She just wanted to be held, nursed, and put to bed. 


One thought on “A day of firsts 

  1. That’s so exciting and sad. When she is a little older, you will secretly love when she has a little fever and you can spend a whole day snuggling 😊


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