Altercation with time 

It was 3:20 on dot when I walked into daycare this afternoon to pick up Gwen. They close at 3:30. To everyone in the eastern time zone I was early. To everyone except daycare. Their clocks are running 10 minutes ahead. 

As I was heading up the stairs to the first door on the left (the daycare room), daycare called me. I knew they were calling me to ask where I was. I didn’t answer. Instead  I walked in the door. And before I even got a hello, I was reminded that time is true only to the daycare clock. My rebuttal – “the real time is 3:20 and by that time I’m early.” I’m not sure that went over so well. I was fuming. I rushed to get there, maneuvered a detour due to construction, and sat in a grid lock. And I was still 10 minutes early! 

I was told that if it was going to be a problem then I should make other arrangements for picking Gwen up. 

I dropped the subject. I wasn’t going to solve the issue right then. 


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