I’m Now The Dog Walker

I officially started my dog walking duties today.

We used to hire a dog walker everyday of the week for $90 a week. 

Now that I’m working from home we figured I could walk our dog. Except one day. We still want him to see his friends at least once a week. That alone is going to save us over 3,600 a year. That’s a lot!

I love our dog and would do anything for him, but I’m not particularly close to him. We don’t cuddle and I’m not much of a petter, but even so Chooch and I have a mutual love for one another. Now that I’ll be home with him everyday, I think our relationship will change and evolve to what my husband originally thought it would be when I expressed that I wanted a dog. 

We got Chooch when we were first dating. We had only been together for 6 or 7 months. I just moved into my husband’s then townhouse. We got him one day on the way back from the beach. We spent nearly 4 hrs at the shelter filling out paperwork and convincing them we were fit to take care of a puppy. 

He’s been with us for five years! 


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