24hr urine

Anyone that knows what this is, you know how annoying it is. My kidney doctor would like a baseline of my protien levels before I decide to get pregnant again. So for a 24hr period of time I have to collect my urnine. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing today. 

I know how disgusting it sounds, but for those of you who have been pregnant and had issues with preclamsia you know that you don’t mess with it, you just do with the doc tells you to do. Typically the protein in your urnine goes back to normal after a few months of delivering, but mine stayed elevated for six months or more and my kidney specialist has been monitoring it every three months since.

Now that we are thinking about a second child, she wants to make sure my levels have normalized.

By now I’m a pro at this 24 urine collection thing. During my first (and only) pregnancy I nearly did one every week for three months. I’m sure this is not the last time, although that would be very nice if it was. 


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