Good Night Sleep Tight

We are back at the sleep training thing. It’s a never ending battle and we’ve had enough. We are sleep deprived and ready to try just about anything. Just about anything except the cry it out method. We will never try that. 

Yesterday we started using the base of a methodology from the book ‘Good Night Sleep Tight, by Kim West. We basically sit next to her crib for the first three nights and soothe her until she falls asleep on her own. The first night there was crying and I had to pick her up for some time. But after she calmed down she was able to get herself to sleep on her own (she usually nurses to sleep – which many people seem to think is a no no) and she slept longer without waking. I hated letting her cry even if I was holding her. I knew she wanted to soothe nurse, but I also feel like it’s time to slowly start weaning the night nursing. It all makes me very sad. 

After three nights of sitting by the crib tou ate then supposed to move to the middle of the room, then to the door, then out the door. It’s a gradual movement to help her learn to self soothe.

Ugh I hate even saying the words self soothe. I still don’t think I believe babies need to learn to self soothe. Unfortunatly we live in a country where we don’t make accommodations for our babies. We expect our babies to make accommodations for us. The sleep depravation is real though and we needed a little intervention. Ok a big intervention. 

I’m giving this two weeks and if we don’t make significant progress, I’m ditching it and trying co-sleeping again.

Good night. Sleep tight Gwen.


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