Trouble in sleepville

Last night felt like the worst night I ever had with Gwen. After an hour (only an hour) of trying to soothe her to sleep at 3 am, I walked out of her room and bawled. Everytime I thought she was asleep and tried to sneak out of her room, she would wake up again and suck me back in. Each time, she would wail before she settled down. I tried nursing her, rubbing her back, talking to her, rocking her, holding her, changed her diaper. You name it, I probably tried it. She has been fighting sleep since we got back from vacation and it seems like she down right hates being away from my husband and I. 

It could be her age. It could be that her time clock is off. It could be that we screwed with her schedule on vacation. It could be that we screwed with her comfort levels when we co-slept with her on vacation and are now tying to get her back in her crib full time. It could be that she’s teething. 

Whatever it could be, I hope it goes away real soon. 


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