The verdict was still out on traveling until the first tooth arrived.

This past week we took our first family trip with Gwen, who is just about to turn 10 months. We traveled across three time zones and up until the flight home, things went pretty smoothly. We thought the time zone change going from the east coast to the west coast was going to be an issue, but she was a dream baby. On the flight people commented on how cute she was and how good she was. We were proud 🙂 and obtomostic that traveling with a baby was so doable. 

There were a few moments during the trip that we struggled, adjusting to her schedule and needs rather than ours – which were happy hour and days at the beach surfing. Instead we had a class of wine while she napped and a few minutes to read our books. My husband and I should have taken more time switching off with Gwen, sneaking in a little solo time at the beach or working out. That may have helped us feel like it was more of a vacation that our day to day lives just in a different location.

But all and all it was fairly easy traveling with Gwen. Until the flight home. The flight home may have scared us from taken another flight any time soon. She was not a happy baby. She cried, squirmed, and screamed for nearly two hours straight. We thought our plane neighbors hated us, but they kept reassuring us, it was ok. The seat belt sign was hardly ever off during the first 3/4 of the flight, making it even more difficult to try and soothe a cranky “refused to take a nap” baby. In that moment we questioned our idea of traveling with her. 

The entire day today she was still not her happy self and either was I. Crankiness filled the house. Over tiredness filled the house. I was still questioning if it was worth it. And then later, Gwen stuck my figure in her mouth and I felt it. I felt her first tooth popping through! Now I think maybe her fussiness was possibly her tooth and not so much about flying or traveling. Her lack of sleeping. The last two days was possibly because she was uncomfortable – period. 

Will we travel again? Yes, but I think next time we’ll do a trip within driving distance and forgo the flying until she’s a bit older. 


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