Co-sleeping test run

We’ve never co-slept with Gwen before…until now. A few nights ago on vacation we broke down and brought her in bed with us. She did well and I have to admit it was really nice being so close to her. That first night she was in awe of what was going on. She turned her head side to side to side to side looking at my husband and I. It looks as if she was in her element. We all slept that night. 

We tried it again last night and it was completely different. She was hyper, putting her hands in our mouths trying to pick our teeth, reaching for our eyes and trying to scratch them open when we shut them. She even stuck her finger deep into my nose. It hurt! She wanted to grab everything, rolling from me to my husband and back again. It took us over an hour to get to sleep. 

When we get home, Gwen will be going back to her crib full time. 


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