Day 5 of the last day of work

Holy cow it’s been nutty. 

  • Woke up a bit hung over and tired 🙂 
  • Went in to the office to say my goodbyes. Some were a bit more emotional than others 
  • My boss hosted a goodbye lunch for me. Taco bar. It was perfect. 
  • Walked out feeling like I would be back on Monday, but I won’t 🙂
  • Got rear ended on my way home 😦 it freaked me out. Everyone was ok, just some minor damage to my car
  • Had to call my car insurance and fill out the accident report
  • Packed all afternoon for out first family vaca with Gwen…feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

2 thoughts on “Day 5 of the last day of work

  1. Well, it sounds like that is a last day you won’t soon forget! Glad you are ok. I always hate to see someone pulled over on the side of the road after an accident. I’ve been there and I know the crazy amount of insurance paperwork and issues that are ahead. Glad you are ok, but so sorry your next few months will be filled with not so fun insurance stuff. At least you are about to go on vacation! Enjoy your getaway!!!

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