Weaning is in the near future 

I’ve been breastfeeding for nine months…the entire life span of my daughter.  All along I’ve planned to stop breastfeeding once she was able to have whole milk, around one year. Which means I’ll start weaning her and introducing milk at around 11 months. Which means that’s only two months away! Yikes. The thought of not breastfeeding her anymore makes me sad. Very sad. What doesn’t make me sad is not pumping. Pumping is cumbersome and a time suck and annoying. I can’t wait to be free of it. Free of those plastic tubes and funnels. Free of washing all the parts and storing milk. 

My daughter is starting to wean herself. She recently dropped a bottle session – her mid afternoon bottle was replaced by a snack. 

I don’t want to loose the closeness and private time I have with her during the 10/15 minutes I nurse her twice a day. I may try to hold on to her morning and evening nursing sessions for a bit longer than a year – if she’ll let me.



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