4th of July Weekend

I have no spectacular memories of 4th of July. As kids my brother and I didn’t do anything special. We didn’t go away on 4th of July or attend any special cookouts or parties. I actually can’t remember a single 4th of July. Even as I got older and spent the 4th hanging out with friends, I don’t remember doing anything special for the holiday. 

Ok, I lied, my memory was just jogged. One 4th I met my brother, sister-in-law and her twin sister at my brothers’ in-laws family beach house somewhere in Conneticut. We rode bikes, yard saled, and watched fire works on the beach. The view we had allowed us to watch town after fire work displays right from the beach. I was older though – mid 20’s maybe. 

We have a few things planned this year, but still we are sticking low key and close to home. We won’t see any fire works though unless we see them from the perimiter of our house. Fingers crossed they don’t wake or scare Gwen. 

Enjoy the weekend! Cheer’s to the 4th.

Peace and love 


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