Happy anniversary 

Two years ago today I married the most most caring man I have ever met. Not to mention handy, supportive, and the best dad. In the past two years we’ve: 

  • Welcomed Gwen into the world – the most significant moment of our lives to date
  • Said goodbye to uncle Salvi 😦
  • Visited three foreign countries – Holland, Belgium, and Aruba 
  • Installed a wood shed
  • Installed a sump pump so our basement won’t flood ever again
  • Built a custom master closet thanks to my husbands handyness and keen design skills
  • Leased a car for the first time – a Toyota RAV4 4. I never want to lease again
  • Had food poising 
  • Put an addition onto the house (the mudroom)
  • And the very latest – I got a new job! 

I’m sure there are many more things that occurred over the past two years, but those are the most significant and memorable. 




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