Neti Pot

This household is sick yet again. Gwen and I both have colds. It’s my third cold in the last six weeks. That is nuts. I’m blaming this one and probably the other two times on daycare. That place is a breeding ground for germs.

Last week I caught a little boy kiss Gwen on the lips. The only thing I could think about was the germs he was giving her. 

The last time my husband was sick he bought a Neti Pot. I haven’t used one of those in 10 years, but I did tonight and it was so strange. You use special salt with distilled water, tip your head to the side and pour it in one nostril. The water mixture then slowly pours out of the other nostril. And it feels so strange. Afterward, I blew my nose and it felt so clean and clear. Then I repeated on the other side. It felt like it also released pressure in my ears. 

Hopefully this will be a quick few day only cold. We have out of town company conning in on Thursday, so we need to be better. 



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