10:59 pm and nearly forgot

For some reason I’m not tired. I’m in bed with my mind racing and it finally hit me. I didn’t post yet. I nearly forgot. 

I’m shocked that this doesnt happen more often. The forgetting to post that is. Not the not being tired part. Being tired is a consistant state of state. 

The day? It was a good one. Had some family over for a pre-fathers day BBQ. It was a small crowd and an older crowd. But it was a fun crowd. The grandpa’s both enjoyed Gwen time and Gwen enjoyed them. 

Gwen did wake up with her first real cold though. Snots crusted over on her nose, bubbles blowing out her nose, sneezing conastantly followed by runny snot projectile. But none of it seemed to phase her. She was as happy as she would have been if she didn’t have a cold. 

And now I’m getting tired. 



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