Gwen calls her grandfather (my father-in-law) Papa. That’s what my nieces call him, so when Gwen can talk, that’s what she’ll call him too. 

He is straight off the boat Italian, extremely genuine, and has so many friends and acquaintances. He practically knows everyone and if you ever need anything done on your house, he knows someone. Everyone in his circle is a tradesman of some sort or another. He himself is a retired electrician. Here’s a list of what he’s sources for us over the last three years: 

  • Brick layer for our 20×20 patio
  • Sump pump instillation and basement drainage – I don’t know what you call those guys. We needed them when there was crazy rain and our basement flooded with 6 inches of water
  • Plumber for our washer and dryer instillation
  • Same plumber for our hot water heater when we switched from propane to gas
  • Mechanic for just about any car issue 
  • Farmer – that’s him and his brother Frank. They’ll come over and tell you what trees to trim and prune your tomato plants for you so they grow better
  • Tree trimmer – that’s him as well. You need a tree limb take down, he’ll figure out how to do it, even if it’s 3O feet high
  • Electrician for the extra electrical panel we needed, dinners installed, and all the electrical for our new mudroom. Him and my brother-in-law did all that. Both electricians
  • Mason for our front steps – this project is about to get kicked off

I’m sure there are many things I’m missing. Not only does he offer these resources all the time, he meets them at our house, makes coffee for them, and helps them complete the work. These are his buddies and they do work for each other, with each other. I’m not sure how many people still operate like this, but I feel like it’s a dying breed. 

And, of course, he loves Gwen and makes time to see her often 🙂

He’s a wonderful father-in-law! 


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