Sleep baby sleep

The comforter over the windows to block out the light did nothing for Gwen’s sleep pattern. She’s still waking up wanting to play a few hrs after we put her to bed. My husband tried to rock her back to sleep for two hrs last night from 8-10 pm. Then I went in for another 1/2 hr until she fell asleep. It’s so frustrating and it does aweful things to our communication skills. 

We vowed tonight to change our prespective. So what if we’re up with her for hours in the middle of the night. So what if she wants us to be near her. So what if we need to rock her to sleep or nurse her to sleep or go in to fetch her misplaced pacifier.   We’ve read so many theories and websites and comments and books. None of them have the answers we’re looking for. None of them say what every mother I’ve talked to says. They say – it’s just a phase. They say – don’t worry another phase will come soon. They say – suck it up, it’s your job. Ok they don’t say that last one. But that’s how I feel. It’s our job. Being a parent is now our full time job. 


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