Mothers room saga continues

I walked in the room today and my note was taken down. I smiled to myself thinking, “of course that’s what I expected to happen”. But then I noticed the note in the trash can and pulled it out. It appears that someone else wrote a note in aggravation below my original note. It says, “please remember to cancel appointment if not planning to use the room.”  The problem is people book the room and then never show up. It’s valid. Very valid! 

Either they chickened out in posting it and decided to just throw it away all together or someone entirely different took it off the wall. 

Whatever the case may be, I’m going to loop in our facilities team and ask if they wouldn’t mind that I put together a document to post permanently in the room reminding people of the common courtesies of sharing a space. 

This will be an attempt to be more proactive.



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