I’m that type of roommate

You know the type of roommate who left notes in the kitchen or bathroom  asking you to clean up after yourself or requesting that you don’t use their ketchup bottle or shampoo. They don’t like confrontation so they just leave a note, which then ends up causing tension and communication issues. 

I just became that person. Except on my defense, I don’t really know who the culprit is and can’t confront them directly. 

The mothers room at work (where mothers go to pump) is a small room that only one person can use at a time. Nearly everyday before I get out my pumping equipment, I wipe down the two small tables because there are leftover milk spots all over them. It drives me crazy that someone can’t wipe it down either with the Clorox wipes or a papertowl and soap/water which are all right in the room. 

So I left a note for all to see. At least I anonymously signed it with a smiley face, right? 



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