Milestone mania

Do you want the sad milestone first or the happy one? I’ll build a little suspense and give you the sad one first. 

I forgot to feed Gwen today. Yup I just totally missed an entire feeding. And I cried about it. I went out to run a few errands and get a pedicure (the first of the year!) and I meant to nurse her before I left. But I didn’t because I forgot. My husband could have fed her a bottle but she didn’t fuss much and she took it like a champ. Instead my husband took her for a walk and she napped for 45 min. I however felt like a horrible, tired, forgetful, crazy mom who couldn’t even remember to feed her baby. Of all things to forget, sustenance should never be on the list. 

Then later in the afternoon something amazing happened. Something truly amazing that I hope to never forget. Gwen signed daddy! For the last two months, I’ve been teaching her three words in sign language. Momma, dadda, and all done. Every night my husband is home he plays this little game with Gwen as I’m feeding her before I put her down to sleep. He’ll start to walk out of her room and he’ll say, “goodnight sweetie”, she’ll turn from nursing and look at him. Then she whips her head back to nurse and he’ll say it again. Again she whips her head and body around to look at him and stretch her arm out. Tonight when I said to her, “say goodnight to daddy” she signed daddy as he was walking out of her room for the last time. I called his name and told him to come back in the room and then she clearly signed “daddy” again. And then again and one more time. I was in such shock, I busted out bawling, kissing her in amazement. I’m still in shock. This signifies that she comprehends us. She understands us and can communicate on some level. It’s shocking and incredible and wonderful that she choose the first time to comminicate in such a loveing way. I want to smother her in kissing and hugs. I love her so much. All the sleepless nights we’ve been having are worth that one moment. 🙂

Peace and love


3 thoughts on “Milestone mania

  1. Don’t worry. I don’t feed Avyn until she tells me she is ready. She has really bad spit up issues so if I tried to force her to eat it would really backfire. So if your daughter didn’t say she was hungry she probably wasn’t.
    How old is your daughter?
    I would like to teach mine sign language, she’s 3 months.


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