Sleep schedule flub

We went to a Memorial Day BBQ at my brothers house, 45 minutes away. Although it was lovey and we had a great time, we kept Gwen out too late and she fell asleep on the ride home. 

You would think it would be ok and she would just go to sleep when she got home, but after feeding her dinner, bath time, and trying to put her to bed, she was still wide awake. 

Babies are a habit of routine and when they miss a nap or get too many they don’t sleep well at night. 

Gwen has been screaming in her sleep for the last two hrs and has needed to be rocked back to sleep twice since she went to bed two and 1/2 hrs ago. I fear it’s going to be a rough night. 

Was the BBQ worth it?  Unfortunately, probably not if it means a night of no sleep.


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