Stomach sleeper?

This is an aweful picture but it’s our little girl sleeping in her belly for the first time at day care. She rolled over from her back to her belly and slept like that for over 2 hrs. You can see her little blankie beside her. 

At home she is still in her sleep suit at night, but this weekend we will try no sleep suit for her naps. Hopefully she’ll sleep as well at home as she does at day care.  



2 thoughts on “Stomach sleeper?

  1. I freaked out when my kids started rolling to their stomachs at night! We are so ingrained with “back to sleep” that I was worried about them every time they rolled over! Turns out, the did sleep better on their tummies.;-) Enjoy your little one!!! I feel like an old woman to say this, but they grow up soooo fast! My baby just turned seven. BooHoo!

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    • I’m going to feel the same boohoo way. I already had anxiety about her growing up. I don’t want it to happen 🙂 I truly treasure every moment I get with her.


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