Puffs and sippy cups – two new milestones

Sippy cups seems to be a hot topic. There are many reviews and debates on which ones work best, which ones are leak proof, which ones have an easy flow vs. difficult flow. There are so many to choose from. But on a recomendation from my friend, I went with the Nuk  learner cup. She literally got it in her mouth on the first try. Probably not that hard since everything goes in her mouth on the first try. Of course she hasn’t been able to find the spout again..only the one time for this picture. Anyway it is a brand new adventure for all of us. 

We also introduced puffs for the first time this weekend. I just learned about puffs from the very same friend who recomended the sippy cup. I didn’t realize they desolved in your mouth so you don’t necessarily need teeth to chew them. Most babies just gum them, which is exactly what Gwen does. She hasn’t been able to figure out yet how to pick them up and get them into her mouth, but she can pick them up and once you direct her hand to her mouth she can shovel the puff in and eat it up! 



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