Oh Gweny

All of a sudden our Gwen doesn’t seem like a baby anymore. She’s becoming a smart person who can interact, and babble, and look at you as if she really knows what you just said.

She also knows when you walked away from her or tried to but her to sleep, alone! 

Oh Gweny, please go to sleep tonight so that your dad and I can get rest and be happy, productive people tomorrow. Oh Gweny, we will always be here for you, but while you sleep we’ll be just a room a away in our own bedroom. Oh Gweny we know it’s not easy developing skills and brain power, but if you sleep soundly, you’ll develop even more skills. Oh Gweny we love you so much and want only the best for you. Oh Gweny we won’t let you cry it out. We’ve tried for a few minutes but it’s just not in us. Oh Gweny it’s past your bedtime, sweet dreams. You’ll always be my baby girl. 


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