Chemical free sunsreen quest

I’m on the hunt for chemical free baby sunscreen for this summer. As first time parents, we are extremely cautious of everything we feed or put on Gwen. Sunscrean is no differnt. 

There is so much reading material and reviews online that it’s utterly confusing. When I thought I found a brand I liked, people would then say it was hard to apply, didn’t protect from burning, or the brand recently changed formula’s. 

I posted my sunscreen question on my Facebook page today and got some great advice. Here it is summarized. 

  • Out of the 13 comments thus far, 6 mentioned or recommended Badger brand
  • Badger is super thick and can be touch to apply so carry baby wipes to remove it from your hands
  • Badger is good for sensitive skin
  • Badger protects well against sunburn
  • ThinkBaby brand was recomended once for it’s ability to apply easier than Badger
  • Ava Anderson brand was also recomended for sensitive skin
  • The Honest Company sunscreen stick was mentioned as a good option with a warning that it’s a slow process to apply an entire child with a stick 
  • Rasberry seed oil was mentioned twice as an all natural DIY option. One person mentioned to use it on its own and another person posted a homemade sunscreen recipe. 

I think we’ll start off with Badger brand and if I get ambitios I’ll attempt the recipe.   



One thought on “Chemical free sunsreen quest

  1. Such a good quest! I have struggled with the sunscreen question for many years now. We live in Florida, so we use A LOT of sunscreen over the course of a Summer! The natural brands come in such small bottles, with such high price tags, that I haven’t used them. Our family would use an entire bottle for one day at the beach! This recipe is interesting…I think I would try it for a short outing to the pool before I was willing to deem it a good replacement for store bought sunscreen. Thanks for sharing!

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