Photos are not as easy as they used to be

I love taking pictures, but I struggle what to do with all the pictures after I take them. 

I used simple develop the film and put the pictures in a box or a photo album to flip through at a later time. 

Now my pictures get stuck on my phone, in my computer, or worse – they never leave the camera. 

I recently had to upgrade my phone storage to accommodate all the photos. My 5 yr old computer is on the fritz and I’m so afraid of loosing all the photos. 

I need to back them up, but not sure where. I need to figure out an easy and inexpensive way to print, store, and file my photos, but have no time to figure out how.

I started making photo books on Shutterfly but they take days of my life and can get costly without a coupon or free shipping. 

I need major photo printing, storing, and archiving help! 


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