What a weekend!

On Saturday, my husband and I got married in the Catholic Church with five of our family members to witness and Gwen in our arms. We were there for Gwen’s baptism class and decided we were going to have the priest bless our marriage. I wasn’t sure how I truly felt about it beforehand as I’m not religious – despite the fact that I was brought up Catholic, was baptized, received my first communion, and was confirmed. I did the whole shebang! That’s because I grew up in my dad’s straight off the boat Italian family. My mom is Jewish (that’s a whole other blog in itself). Anyway, the first time we got married, it was in our backyard with my brother as the JP. It was extremely nice to renew our vows this weekend and I enjoyed it very much. When my husband slipped on my ring during our vows he mistakingly flipped my pear shaped diamond the wrong way and I was caught off guard. It’s the way his mom wore the very same ring and I immediately felt she was present with us. 

Gwen’s baptism couldn’t have gone any better. She was such a happy baby except for the one small outburst when she was getting hungry. After the church we went across the road to a restaurant for lunch and dessert. There was a lot of us. 60+ I would say. Even though we had the entire restaurant to ourselves, it was still a tight squeeze – but we made it work. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I had a great time and thought it went very well. 

The one snafu was I lost my phone at the end of the day. We searched for two hrs and as soon as we gave up because we had to put Gwen to bed it fell out of my boot…literally! I had put my phone in my boot earlier in the day so I wouldn’t loose it. I had no pockets so slipped it in there thinking it was a good safe place. My only wish was that I would have taken off my boots earlier. 🙂 

Peace and love. 


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