Fee fi fo fum

I’m not really sure where I’m going with that title. It just came to me and I felt like writing it. 

A good friend of mine told me a funny story today that made me laugh out loud for good long while. I even thought of the story several times throughout the day and laughed out loud again. Want to hear it? Hopefully I can write it as good as she told it. I already know her delivery was much better than mine is going to be. 

My friend is beginning to interview for fall teacher positions after six years of being a stay at home mom. She went on a first round interview this week where she had to do a video interview. This wasn’t a face to face interview. The questions were delivered via a computer. She had 30 seconds to think about the question before the camera came on for her to answer the question. Can you see how this would be nerve wracking? There was a question that came up that she was confused about and didn’t understand. Instead of simply stating she didn’t understand when the video came on, she ducked out of the camera’s view and waited out the allotted time for the next question. I’m laughing again just thinking about this. Imagine how the people will react when they see her video. She probably won’t ever get a job in that school district, but they will surely get a good laugh out of it. I did!


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