Is it Wednesday already

Wednesday’s are unique days in our household.

  • It’s the longest work day of the week. My husband wakes at 4:30 am to train a client before his teaching job. I wake at 5:30 to get Gwen and I out the door for day care and work. After teaching my husband has another four training appointments. He gets home at 8:30 pm. 
  • It’s the only day I drop off at day care. Day care is part of my husbands school system so he usually takes her. Leaving her there is the low point of my day. I hare walking out the day care door without her. 
  • It’s the only day we hire a sitter. We hired one of my husbands co-workers to pick up Gwen at day care and bring her to the house until I get home from work. 
  • Survivor is on. It’s the only TV I watch regularly. Ok I lied. I also watch Amazing Race with my husband on Friday nights. But those are the only two shows we watch regularly. 

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