Buying baby products – always a project

Why is is that when you decide to buy a product for your baby, it takes hours upon hours of research?

Even though there are books and people who recap all the info for you, and even friends recomendations you still feel the need to do all the research yourself…or at least I do. 

Whether you’re buying a crib, stroller, pack and play, or a car seat you feel like you have to make the absolute right choice for your baby the first time. Is it safe enough? Is it comfortable enough? Does it have the functionality you want? What do other people say about it? Does it have five stars in the review. The whole process of picking a brand and then a model within the brand is tiring and stressful. 

Of course we never want to return it if it doesn’t meet our needs, we want to get it right the very first time. 

Today We purchased a 3 in 1 car seat because we had reward dollars at BabiesRus that we had to use by the end of the month or we lost them. Today was one of the only days one of us could get to the store to buy a seat. So we spent all of our free seconds today during work texting and calling back and forth trying to figure out which seat to buy. Then of course once we found the one we wanted BabiesRus didn’t carry the model, so we went with a slightly better model. Then of course that model was not in stock, so we had to have it shipped. 

We got the Evenflo Symphony – DLX


Let’s hope it does the job.


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