Facebook secrete group

Facebook is not something I’m good at. I use it mostly to keep up with people’s lives -friends, family, ex friends, old college and high school friends. You get it, it’s exactly what you probably do to.  I also like to read articles that my network likes. Mommy articles, food blogs, and the latest news stories.

I’m good at perusing and stalking. I’m not good at posting, commenting, or liking. I just can’t be bothered. But my husband has been after me to post pictures of Gwen for family to see. He doesn’t even own anaccount, he uses mine when he wants to peak into people lives. 

A friend of mine has a secret (private) page she uses to post baby and family pictures to those who were invited to the page. 

Today I created a secret page as well and started posting photos and videos of Gwen. Hopefully I’ll keep up with it and enjoy the engagement with family and friends. 


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