Fooled by food

For the past week my husband and I have thought we had a stomach bug. Well we were wrong! The hospital called with results from my lab work. It was a food-born illness. 

I feel fooled. We shop organic. We shop at whole foods. How could this happen? We haven’t eaten out in almost three weeks so it had to have been something we cooked. Could have been the roasted chicken we had the Friday night before we got sick or was it the steak and chicken fajitas we had on Sunday night? I wish I knew exactly. 

For an entire week we’ve been disinfecting our entire house – surfaces, door knobs, sheets, clothes, Gwen’s toys – everything. 

But it’s starting to make more sense now. Gwen didn’t get sick because she didn’t eat what we ate. 

I may just be turned off from chicken forever! I’ll never assume again. And I’ll never wait until day four of feeling aweful to seek help. This could have been helped a lot sooner eith antibiotics. 

Fool me no more food!


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