Hospital visits

I’ve only been to the hospital three times in my entire life and they have all been within the last year. 

The first time I was five months pregnant. I woke up in the middle of the night violently ill. I puked most of the night and when I finally got a hold of my OBGYN in the morning she told me to head to the hospital for fluids. It was the day before we were heading on a babymoon to Aruba. I was discharged after 6 hrs, 2 bags of fluid, an ultra sound, and an EKG. I remember thinking, is this what dying feels like? 

The second time, my OBGYN called me at 8 pm and said that she had talked to my high risk doctor about my latest lab work and that I should head into the hospital to be induced. The next day I delivered Gwen via c-section. I was discharged after 5 days, more drugs than I ever care to have again, several hallucinations, days of bad hospital food, a visit from the PT doctor, days of scary high blood pressure, and after my brand new most amazing duaghter passed her car seat safety test. 

The third time was today. After 3 1/2 days of not eating, fighting this stomach bug, I gave in. My mom picked me up and brought me to the ER for fluids. My husband who was starting to feel better stayed home with Gwen. I was discharged after 2 hrs, one bag of fluids, and some blood work. Starting to feel human again. 


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